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About us

The name of the company is Rakau Tiles Clearance. The business was founded and started operating in March 2020 with the sole purpose of buying and selling tiles. 

We are currently located in Cosmo city. The business targets to spread its wings to the international market, currently it serves the local market. 

Our company places its clients at the pinnacle of its success through excellence service. We are client-centric; we are inclined to exclusive individual or company tailored service in the sale of tiles and other hardware related materials. 


- To offer affordable services to clients. 

- To engage and built relationships with our clients. 

- To offer quality and durable materials to our clients. 

Our vision is to create a conducive environment for our business's continuance and sustainability through adherence to our values. 

We are committed to excellence in service delivery and we live no room for failure.

Our clients 

- To be a client centric business 

- To build strong and profitable client relationships 

- To get our clients to their financial goals and objectives 

Our operations 

- To expand our company both nationally and internationally 

- To improve the cost-efficiency of doing business 

- To improve our availability and service excellence 

Our Services

We provide and offer a wide range of tiling products. 




Vanity and Cabinets,  Shower doors, Bathroom, Toilets, Baths, Taps


Mosaic sheets, Mosaic Tiles